The IT industry has been witnessing increased complexity in today’s IT products. Hardware support centers have grown in number to solve the issues. In this global practice, Grind Group is ahead of other service providers. Backed by reliable asset management and proactive support, we provide round the clock services to our customers.

We supply hardware products in four main categories:

  • Input hardware devices – This include Keyboards, Pointing devices(mouse,touchpad,etc) , Game controller devices (joystick, gamepad,etc), Audio input devices (microphone,midi keyboard,etc) and Visual and Imaging devices (webcam, scanner,etc)
  • Processing hardware devices – We supply the products in the main units that are: Control unit, Arithmetic and logic unit, Register and cache and The Control Unit
  • Output hardware devices – This include Softcopy output(monitor, projection display, headphones, earphones..etc) and Hardcopy output (Dot matrix printer, Non impact printer, Inkjet printer ,Laserjet printer, thermal printer..etc)
  • Storage hardware devices – This include Primary storage(DRAM, SRAM, ROM) and Secondary storage(Magnetic storage, Optical storage, Flash storage, Paper storage)